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Painting, murals and dancing in the street

The Chilliwack Mural Festival is a public art event designed to turn downtown Chilliwack into an outdoor gallery that you can enjoy year-round. During Mural Fest, we turn the streets into a celebration of art, music, and community. It's an event designed to reflect the local community, bring diverse artists to our downtown core, and make it easy for everyone to access art and performances.

Throughout the year, we accept artist applications and generate a short list of local, national, and international artists whom we invite to showcase their talent on the walls of downtown. But the Chilliwack Mural Fest is more than watching art happen in real-time. We bring in performers, plan events, and invite vendors to participate!

Artist painting mural on street


A party celebrating creativity, culture, and community

The Chilliwack Mural Fest is a party that celebrates art! Since art takes many forms, enjoy music, dancing, family-friendly fun, and performances. Visit the vendor booths, talk to the artists, learn about the Chilliwack Community Arts Council, and more!


Spread the word

Find all the relevant information and resources to publish content about the Chilliwack Mural Festival. Our press kit contains high-resolution images, festival background information, and contact details for media inquiries or interview requests.


Learn more about CMF

  • Who organizes the Chilliwack Mural Festival?
    The Chilliwack Arts Council guides a team of volunteers and a contractor who plan the festival and bring it to life. Over the last few years, the Chilliwack Mural Festival has transformed from a grassroots idea into a vibrant festival with 40+ murals, a multi day street party with vendors, live music, and other art offerings.
  • How is the event funded?
    The Chilliwack Mural Festival receives funding from the Province of BC, municipal government (City of Chilliwack), foundations, arts councils, private businesses, donors, and clubs. Thank you to these individuals and organizations; they are the festival's heart (and bread and butter)!
  • Do the murals get painted at the same time?
    The murals get painted from July to August each year, carefully planned for lift rentals, accommodations, and weather. In 2022, we had an average of three muralists per month. during the festival, you will see some finished and some in progress and find out where future murals will appear.
  • Can I apply to paint a mural?
    We’ve always been a festival of curated artists. That said, we opened applications in early 2023 for anyone to apply. We have confirmed six artists for the 2023 season. If you want to apply for next year, Chilliwack Mural Festival 2024 applications will open in January.
  • Where can I find mural and artist information?
    Check out our website and the Street Art Cities website map for details on mural locations, artwork, and artists.
  • Are there tours for the public?
    Yes! We'll have tours on the hour from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. Tours start at Smoking Gun Coffee, and two knowledgeable volunteers serve as guides. No sign-up is necessary—just show up. We also host tours year long for school groups, organizations, and private parties.

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